Monday, January 14, 2013

100.0 Tengkorak Kaum 'Aad

Kita pernah terjumpa foto di atas disebarkan di dalam internet yang mengatakan penemuan tengkorak gergasi dipercayai tinggalan Kaum 'Aad.  Semua ni auta!  Bacalah kisah sebenar di bawah ini. 

Foto yang telah diubahsuai (di atas).  Penjelasan:
The last station in the history of the picture is the website "Worth1000", which presents a wide range of altered pictures, some artistic, some humorous. The picture that was spread world wide as the Giant Skeleton of Rakshasa of Indian mythology or Aad of Islamic mythology was simply an artistic creation of "IronKite" and was submitted in a competition in the web site The original of the altered picture done by "IronKite".

Foto asal (dibawah). Penjelasan: 
This photo was taken on 16 September 2000 at an excavation site outside Hyde Park, New York. It is part of the documentation of a sensational excavation under the Paleontological Research Institution and the Department of Geological Sciences at Cornell University. What the team of more than 60 scientists, students and volunteers under paleontologist Prof. John Chiment discovered was, however, not the skeleton of a giant human being, but the skeleton of a mastodon, an extinct predecessor of the elephant. Actually, the find included one of the most complete fossils of a mastodon and possibly a less-complete mammoth. The animals lived between 10,000 and 14,000 years ago. More information at []

Bukan tengkorak Kaum `Aad 4

Bukan tengkorak Kaum `Aad 3      Bukan tengkorak Kaum `Aad 2
Lagi foto yang diubahsuai - resize dan tambah tengkorak. Sebenarnya kerja carigali tulang dinasor di Nigeria oleh pelajar Universiti Chicago tahun 1993.

Bukan tengkorak Kaum `Aad 1 (tengkorak pegang pistol?)
Ini satu lagi foto auta - siap dengan pistol?

Sila layari web:  untuk pengetahuan.

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